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What is Air Wheelies Only?  Who the heck is Checkerz?

Who We Are
An air wheelie is a calling sign of a soul rider.  It isn't about looking fast, it isn't about the trophy, the money, or the factory contract.  An air wheelie is all about the freedom of expressing that you love life on two wheels, laughing with your buddies, and sending it to the moon!

At Air Wheelies Only, we just have fun talking about (and riding) dirt bikes!  We will leave the serious stuff to those real media guys.

We are a community of fans, a place for analysis and opinion, and a landing spot for some fun and interactive games.  Of course we also will feature sweet air wheelies, grass roots moto, and likely ridiculous takeouts.

Who We Aren't
We aren't a news outlet and we certainly aren't insiders... though sometimes I talk to a person or two who is and use their information without permission.  We often don't have all the facts, though we try to accept them most of the time... unless they don't fit our agenda.  Seriously!  We don't really have an agenda other than to just talk about moto, catch the biggest air, and laugh the most.
Who is @Checkerz448?
The Founder of Air Wheelies Only
Who am I?  A motocross and supercross superfan since I was old enough to remember.  A person who thrives to create friendly banter, laughs, and positive vibes.

In the sport, I'm a failed pro racer... nah, actually; EFF THAT!  I didn't fail!  My goal as a youngster was to someday line up on a local A class gate.  I well exceeded that and got to experience a ton of awesome stuff.  Plus, racing Arenacross was way cooler than going to class on Friday's as a high school junior.

From there I moved onto a video game level designer for the MX vs ATV franchise which evolved into a Game Design role.  I really only took that to try and make the title better and be more involved in the moto industry.  We got James Stewart on the cover and were able to construct his JS7 Compound in the game, so I guess it worked!

When the corporate life and lack of job security started to ruin my mood, I moved onto working at Race Tech where I've been for over 10 years as the Director of Marketing.  Basically, I'm in charge of high fives and handshakes.

In the middle, a couple of my buddies and I started a site called  It still exists to this day as the highest level competition platform for MX Simulator; although I've long departed.  I also created over 200 tracks for that game as a hobby.  Yikes!  If only I spent that time training for real moto.

And most recently I've added hype-man at moto events to my resume.  Whether it's jumping on a microphone, creating high-energy evening activities at the track, or coming up with cool formats/prizes/awards; I'm all about it.  Catch me at every Riverside Raceway (best dirt on the planet, bro!) event.  If I'm not shouting into the mic, look up, you'll see my front wheel facing the sky!

Last but certainly not least, I'm a mini dad.  Since starting to ride again (like an idiot, I quit for a decade), my kids have taken on a love for dirt bikes.  We are far from heading to the nearest training facility and selling the house, but my bike is full of so many mini bikes now I barely have room to work on my Storm Lake Honda CRF450.

What's the story with the Air Wheelies?

No one has ever said they want to go watch dirt bikes so they can see tiny air... No, they want HUGE, MASSIVE, GOING TO THE MOON AIRTIME!  I just give the people what they want, plus, being much larger than the average moto guy who can get off the ground, it's kinda like a circus act just to clear the jump.

I started doing air wheelies simply because it made people laugh once.  I kept doing them because it gave people a reason to join my 'circle' to talk about dirt bikes.  That's the same reason I am creating Air Wheelies Only.  It's a place for me to create hype, rant, or honestly do whatever the hell I want.  
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