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MIDNIGHT SAILOR AWARD returns for the PulpMX LCQ Challenge

Nothing in this world can compare to the sheer beauty of 22 highly-talented privateers performing a magnificent air wheelie over a Supercross finish line jump one after another like a train of sweet awesomeness. It was majestic beauty in 2023 watching front wheels go to the sky in Denver, CO at the PulpMX LCQ Challenge with the riders competing for nearly $3000 and honors as Midnight Sailor Award winner. The goal is for us and the riders to go even bigger and better for 2024 as we’ve fine tuned the competition and will get the fans involved!


HOWEVER, we need YOUR help!  As they say, "The more we raise, the higher they'll go!"


To donate to the Midnight Sailor Award payout: @Chris-Riesenberg on Venmo 100% of proceeds will go to the Midnight Sailor Award winner.



Buy a Raffle Ticket on PulpMX for a chance at winning a 2024 YZ450F and many other awesome prizes.  All proceeds go to the purse for the PulpMX Privateer Challenge.


The Midnight Sailor Award brought to you by Air Wheelie Fans Around the World

During the parade lap before the final at the PulpMX Yamaha LCQ Challenge over the finish line jump send your front wheel TO THE MOON!  The rider voted to have the best overall air wheelie (aka midnight sailor, aka Cade Air, aka boner air, aka sky wheelie, aka EPIC FORM) will take home the cash gathered from air wheelie fans around the world.

The prize - 100% PAYOUT

I ( @checkerz448 / @airwheeliesonly ) am putting in the first $100.  Anyone that would like to contribute to raising the pot, venmo me @chris-riesenberg with Midnight Sailor PulpMX in the description. 100% of the proceeds will go to the wheelie boy of the skies voted by the fans and judges. Those who donate $50 or greater will be able to cast their vote towards the winner!

Our guys at handling the broadcast know about the award and will have their cameras locked in on the finish line jump!  


Judging criteria and format UPDATED FOR 2024!

We learn, we evolve!  Judging format and criteria updated for 2024!  

The judges

Upon completion of the most stylish parade lap in the universe our highly qualified panel of judges will compile their scores and likely argue to the death until a winner is settled upon.  The winner will be announced on the following Monday’s PulpMX Show allowing additional time to review footage of the event.


Judge #1

Always carry knives facing down, but never jump that way!  This man was a champion in an era where jumping front end high was the only way yet somehow hates air wheelies almost as much as getting stabbed.  1990 East Coast Supercross Champion, “DBO” Denny Stephenson.


Judge #2

When it comes to getting the heart racing and bringing the heat by getting saucy, this guy knows all about it.  Plus he had a rider once endo at this race and we’d all like to never see that again.  Heartbeat Hot Sauce/Team Solitaire team co-owner Chris Elliott.

Judge #3

As far as I know he hasn’t been stabbed and the only race teams he’s run have been virtual, but he is the encyclopedia of all things motocross.  Leader of an Army, man of the people, and the voice of reason on the judging panel… perhaps the most versatile moto media member, from Start Your Systems and Moto Online, Kellen Brauer.


Judge #4 - Donate and VOTE!

And finally… if guys are able to buy clothes pins for their gate pick they surely should be able to buy some votes!  So the 4th member of the judging panel will be THE DONORS!  If you donate over $50 to the Midnight Sailor prize fund, you will be able to cast a vote to win the competition.  (Email address must be included with Venmo donation to receive your ballot.)


Riders will be judged on their performance in the following categories:

  • Verticalness

  • Style 

  • Landing 

  • Overall Execution 

Each judge will submit their podium picks and points will be assigned as follows.

  1. 25 points

  2. 22 points

  3. 20 points

Votes from The Donors will be compiled.  Riders will be awarded positions based upon the number of votes received.  Ties will result in both riders getting full points for that position.  

  1. 25 points

  2. 22 points

  3. 20 points

Points from the 3 judges and the donors will be combined.  High score wins.  Any ties will be broken by the judging panel.

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