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2023 SUPER Supercross Survivor FINAL RESULTS

What a supercross season we witnessed in 2023?! The sport really is filled with drama, excitement and story-lines each and every weekend. SUPER SX Survivor came into the final round with 4 teams surviving with only their last strike. Being an East vs West Showdown in the 250 class opened up more choices for riders, but also doubled the competition. Once Maximus Vohland went backwards in the LCQ and failed to put his factory bike in the main event bowen741's hopes were left up to the tie-breaker. Treddie912 and 321mechanic both trusted MotoConcepts Honda's veteran Mitchell Oldenburg to find the top 7 with no success. That meant Dcordle was going to be a champion as long as his 450 choice finished in the top 10. In the 450 class, Dcordle along with Treddie selected Josh Hill to cap off his amazing season. bowen741 liked the Twisted Tea Suzuki rider Shane McElrath to capitalize on the depleted field while 321mechanic brought out the big guns with Factory KTM's Aaron Plessinger.

Josh Hill had a season best 6th place finish securing the win for Dcordle. While Plessinger had a nice podium run, his 21 points wasn't enough to get 321 mechanic on the podium with the points tie-breaker. In that tie-breaker, Treddie912 was able to edge out bowen741 by 9 points to solidify herself a 2nd place finish in the standings.

Congratulations to our podium and 321mechanic; at least you won the other survivor league championship!

It looks like payouts are available so once I post and send this out you'll get an email to approve the payouts! As always, I do this for free and only lost money at everything fantasy this year, so I always appreciate it if you won money if you tip your dealer. Venmo: @chris-riesenberg


Results and spreadsheet are below.

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