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2023 SUPER Supercross Survivor NEW JERSEY RESULTS

RJ Hampshire tossed away Super Survivor dreams along with any outside title shot, Jo Shimoda seems to be the only Japanese rider in the history of Japanese motocross racers that sucks in the mud, and the same can be said for Levi Kitchen being from the Pacific Northwest next to Washougal MX where I've ridden the gnarliest mud of my life a couple times. And Tom Vialle? You're a GP guy. We just assume you kick ass the in mud too. On the 450 side, this season has to be a disappointment in Jason Anderson and Kawasaki's eyes at this point and I hope Colt Nichols isn't getting too comfy on that factory Honda... with his results I think it'll be a tough case to make to get to ride it again.

Congratulations to Mad Max Anstie who is seemingly never mad on his victory! He narrowly edged me out haha.

When the mud boots were put away (for a week perhaps), 11 picks failed to meet their objective and 4 teams were eliminated from the game. 6 teams remain as we roll into Nashville! Treddie912 remains strikeless, bowen741 and Dcordle still have two strikes to play with, while mototune, 2023 450 SX Survivor Champion 321mechanic, and IRR717 face elimination with one more strike.

Results and spreadsheet are below. Pick log is updated!

SUPER SX Survivor Resources:

FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON, this will be the link to your SUPER SX Survivor Entries! Bookmark it, screenshot it, save it, etc. HOWEVER, ENSURE YOU ARE SELECTING THE CORRECT ROUND FROM THE DROP DOWN!

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