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2023 Supercross Survivor San Diego RESULTS

After what felt like a month off the series surfed into beautiful San Diego, CA... well, took the Tram in because it's no longer snuggled near the beach downtown at the fabulous PetCo Park. But don't be concerned, a short drive away Supercross was able to break in a fresh Snapdragon Stadium. Sticking with the dragon theme, I guess you could say "It was LIT!" But how many SX Survivor teams went down in the flames?

The game of SX Survivor never shows any mercy, but after the train wreck that was Anaheim 1 for so many teams and owners were lucky enough to dodge a mudder in Oakland; I thought Round Tw.... err The San Diego SX would bring some calmness to the game. After a very big effort from Dirt Wurx, the track conditions were nearly perfect as the sun and temperatures dropped into the evening program. El Hombre and Barcia looked back to nearly 100% after their A1 get-offs, while Mookie Fever consumed the whole Pacific Coast as he bounced back by being the fastest qualifier and putting in a sick performance during his heat race.

Clearly the SX Survivor team managers also were convinced one of the most consistent riders was back on form as he had the 2nd highest pick trend. It's a shame they would end the night just feeling sick, and not with the Mookie Fever. The only pick higher? The Anaheim opener runner-up Cooper Webb who was picked by over FORTY PERCENT of team managers. After another solid 2nd place finish, the Webb Wagon is certainly loading up with fans yet again.

Once again, we had a nice variety of picks as 12 different riders were chosen. That means those who went down with the sickness weren't alone leaving the game. Tammy's Hot Messes were definitely a hot mess after she went out on a limb and picked the new 450 class holeshot artist Colt Nichols. Unfortunately for Tammy, Colt has also mastered a first two straight away fade like no one I've ever seen before. He was able to stabilize things in Anaheim, but in San Diego things just kept getting worse.

But, we weren't done there. You see, there is only one way worse to get cleaned out of SX Survivor worse than your rider not making the top 10. It is when you decide to go line up at an Arenacross. The world of AX is rough and tumble, you never know what is going to happen, and it certainly has no place near SX Survivor. I haven't seen the results of this Ohio Arenacross, but I do know that Mercer181 is leaving with his head in his hands as he chose banging bars versus the keys to submit his pick.

Speaking of picks... PLEASE USE THE NEW SUBMISSION FORM (Link is below for Anaheim 2). The system is bad ass and saves me a ton of time and stress.

Eli Tomac looked incredible again in San Diego and is poised to defend his championship; however, the same can't be said for defending SX Survivor Champ TyMill131 as he was eliminated along with 7 others who chose Malcolm Stewart. Twenty-three percent of the teams that made it into the 2nd Main Event of the season didn't make it out alive. Only 44% of teams remain (33) as we head back up the coast to Anaheim California. We might be running SX Survivor Part 2 by the time Round 2 runs in Oakland.

As if things were crazy enough; it's time for a TRIPLE CROWN at Anaheim 2! Picks are due at 7pm PST. PLEASE USE THIS FORM TO SUBMIT YOUR ANAHEIM 2 PICK!

Many apologies that this week's results and updates were later. As I said, I am at the races and working from the office this week. It's quite busy as I haven't been out here in 2 years. There will be no raceday updates from Anaheim 2 and you can expect results likely on Monday as long as everything goes smoothly.

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