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HOUSTON SX Survivor and Super SX Survivor ENTRY LINKS

Find all your entry info for SX Survivor and Super SX Survivor Here!


Super Supercross Survivor Series Entry link, Pick Submission Link, and LeagueSafe info plus rules can all be found below! LEAGUE SIGNUPS for Super Supercross Survivor CLOSE AT 7pm CST also.

Don't worry, SX Survivor will continue in 2023 and come back in it's raw; zero forgiveness style for years to come! But, I am excited to introduce a new game as we head for the first 250 SX East round called Super Supercross Survivor. While many of the rules are similar, this game will feature some exciting twists like combining the 250 and 450 classes and a Strike System so losers like my friend Dbo360 won't get eliminated at the first round. It's short notice, so tell your friends so we can grow the pot!

Welcome to Super Supercross Survivor 2023

Read this entirely before emailing questions or you will be publicly shamed...


Supercross Survivor but with a twist. Weekly you will submit your entry form prior to the first heat race (or opening race if a Triple Crown) with BOTH a 250 and 450 rider. If your 250 rider finishes 7th or better and your 450 rider finishes 10th or better; YOU SURVIVE! If either rider fails to reach those positions, you will receive a STRIKE and ZERO points for the rider that fails to meet their goal finish. You will receive points for any rider who meets their goal finish of 7th or better in the 250 SX Class and 10th or better in the 450 SX class. Once you have chosen a rider, you may no longer pick that rider IN THAT CLASS. You may pick the same rider once in the 250 class and once in the 450 class should they choose to ride both.

STRIKES will be given if your 250 or 450 rider does not meet their goal finish. Only ONE STRIKE PER ROUND will be given, so even if both your 250 and 450 rider fail to reach their goal position, only one strike will be given. Each Team will receive 3 strikes on the season. If a 3rd strike is earned, you are eliminated from the game.

TIES WILL BE BROKEN by the team with least amount of strikes should the game go all the way to the end of the 2023 Supercross Season. Should multiple teams get knocked out on the same night before the end of the season, we will go to a second tie breaker. You will be awarded the points of the riders you picked on the week you picked them only if they meet their goal finish. Should multiple players get eliminated on the same week, the highest number of points scored from your rider picks will be the second tie breaker. Should there still be a tie for some crazy reason, the pot for that position will be split between the tied teams for that position.

GOAL POSITION for the 250 class will be 7th place or better and for the 450 class will be 10th place for better.


$30 entry fee, 100% payback (60%, 30%, 10%) to the top 3.


YOU MUST FILL OUT THE SIGN UP FORM COMPLETELY TO BE ENTERED! These steps have changed from previous Survivor Games, please READ CAREFULLY!

1. Go here to pay your entry fee. We are using a 3rd party site with majority voting for payout so you know your money is safe until after the SX season. Even if you win before the season ends, we will have to wait until the payout deadline to vote/pay. Entry fee is $30 and must be paid prior to 7pm CST, February 4th, 2023!

2. Only after you’ve paid, fill out the 2023 Super SX Survivor ENTRY FORM.

3. You no longer need to email me your sign up information; however, if you have any issues you may contact for support.


1. Before lockout* time, fill out the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM. (this form will stay the same the entire series, so feel free to bookmark it)

a. Be sure to select the proper round and fill out the entire form. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.

b. If you submit more than one entry form, the entry with the latest time stamp will be used.

*Lockout time will be on the hour prior to the first heat race. For example, if Houston has the first heat scheduled for 7:11pm, then LOCKOUT TIME will be 7:00pm local time

100% PAYBACK – Distributed as follows

Winner – 60% of total entries

2nd Place (first loser) – 30% of total entries

3rd Place (Loser to the first loser) – 10% of total entries

Invite your friends and grow the pot. Feel free to share!

PAYMENT DEADLINE IS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4th, 2023 at 7pm CST – Please do not wait until last minute, it just makes my life a lot harder.

PS… I will always do my best to provide the most timely updates I can, but they are not always guaranteed. Same with posting results.

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