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Supercross Survivor - Round 15 - FINAL RESULTS

Sixty nine team owners entered the 2022 450 Supercross Survivor Game back in January at Anaheim 1. Three remained heading into Foxborough for Round 15. It's quite unbelievable the game made it this far, but it's finally come to a conclusion.

What an exciting final round for Supercross Survivor in Foxborough, as picks were very limited going in?! All three remaining teams had different picks to make things even more exciting. Brandon Hartranft currently sits 9th in 450SX points and has been in the top 10 the last 3 races going into round 15. With Gillum318 the only player with Hartranft available to him, it was looking like an uphill battle for the competion. However, Gillum318 also had the lowest score in a tie-breaker situation. Alex Martin was taking the track for TyMill131's team that led the tie-breaker points if multiple teams were eliminated. I was sitting in the middle of the tie breakers, and for the second week in a row had basically zero cell service and was busy helping run a dirt bike race... well, at the time during practice qualifying and before the motos I was actually slaying the air wheelie game because the dirt at Riverside Raceway was absolutely brownie mix. I did take a break to look at practice times and send my pick of Benny Bloss over though.

When Alex Martin could barely got top 10 in the heat race, Tymill131's heart had to be sinking...

By not watching the race live, but knowing the results, there was zero emotion watching the race for SX Survivor. A weird feeling... I'm not sure if it's good or bad, as the anxiety this game causes is gut wrenching, but I kind of miss it.

What happened is Alex Martin came out of the LCQ that he absolutely dominated and had a career best 450 race. Even if he hadn't been in the top 10, as long as Bloss and Hartranft also didn't get in the top 10, Tymill131 was going to be the SX Survivor champion. Hartranft couldn't make it 4 top 10's in a row and narrowly missed out in 11th, while Bloss followed him home in 12th. So while Gillum318's rider beat my rider; it wasn't by enough to make up the points gap for the tie breaker.

The podium is final! Tymill131 takes home the grand prize of $1242, Checkerz448 banks $621 and Gillum318 grabs a $207 bonus. LeagueSafe voting for payouts will be sent shortly. Once a majority vote is passed, funds will be sent to your LeagueSafe account!

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