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2023 450 Supercross Survivor FINAL RESULTS

For the inaugural year in 2021 the 450 SX Survivor game ended on Round 14. Last year in 2022 it made it to round 15 to crown a champion, so we knew things were starting to get tight.

Even before the skies opened up the game took a HUGE turn. KnownAsDominic came into New Jersey as the only manager to have Aaron Plessinger still available to him. With the threat of weather in the air and the great season he's been having, AP was the most solid pick left on the board. And then everything changed when Plessinger went out with an injury. Although Dominic had Dean Wilson who ended up in the top 10 available, he went with Josh Hill like a majority of teams.

A couple teams had Colt Nichols available and you'd expect with all the injuries the former 250 champion and factory Honda rider would get it in the top 10, but much like the let-down the rest of the season has been; Nichols couldn't get it done.

Finally, 321mechanic was the only team to have Justin Hill left on the board and while it wasn't easy and he had to come through the pack late; Hill was able to make it into 9th and take Joe Easter's 321mechanic team to the 2023 450 SX Survivor Championship!

I've known 321mechanic for a long time since sponsoring his son Zach all the way back on 65s when I first started at Race Tech. We have had a ton of fun over the years! Congrats Joe!

With all the other teams being eliminated, second and third place were crowned via the total points tie-breaker. Wurzer821 is an absolute fantasy SX beast (he has a PulpMX Fantasy YZ in his garage to prove it) and this game was no different. He snagged the number 2 spot while THall767 made it the entire season without forgetting to enter his picks for once and rounded on the podium because of it.

The final results and payout are below. Watch your email for the LeagueSafe link to approve payouts. If we work fast enough maybe I can convince Wurzer821 to buy the first round at Nashville this weekend.

I'd appreciate it if you'd tip your dealer (especially since I was so lame and got out at round 1, haha). Venmo: @Chris-Riesenberg I don't make a dime off running this, in-fact I pay for the website hosting and domain to do it and then lose, so it's costly.

THANK YOU FOR PLAYING! I hope you all had fun. SEE YOU AT A1 IN 2024 with fresh hopes and dreams only to be crushed by a cartwheeling "A1 Shredder" BamBam. Oh yea, congrats on your win Barcia... would've been way sweeter 13 rounds ago.

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