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2023 SUPER Supercross Survivor DETROIT RESULTS

We are down to 2 teams with no strikes! Treddie912 is having a heck of a year across everything fantasy SX related and Danimal Dcordle clearly picks Super Survivor better than he parties! Kidding Danimal, you're a great wingman. Keep Buyten away and hopefully your team won't burn down like Gilmore's shoes... (long story that I don't know if I should share publicly, but speaking of Gilmore; he's the featured photo. Yes, losing an air wheelie battle to me like he always loses to me at everything.)

It's short and sweet again this week simply because my momma always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." The last time I started a mid-season SX Survivor series, it was a 250 East Series. Jordon Smith was a "title contender" on his PC Kawasaki, proceeded to crash (SHOCKER!) and then take his sweet time getting up eliminating me at the first round. If you've listened to the BigMX Pre-Game Shows (and you should be listening to them, they are getting really good) you know I've continuously pounded the fact home that Smith still will hit the ground and still can't manage a race. I even posted when I put my picks in the Facebook Survivor Group that I paired him with Craig because I expected Jordon Smith to be Jordon Smith. He was Jordon Smith... OOPS, I've already said too much. And don't even get me started on my own beautiful, loving fiance' picking Chase Sexton... who she'd already picked and eliminating herself from this game.

Below are notes also posted to SX Survivor and are important. I just wanted to cover a couple of things quickly. Over the past couple of weeks a few members have forgotten to make their picks until after the deadline. While I believe you that you haven't seen anything and I'd love to make your pick because in most cases it wouldn't change anything; I just can't accept them. People paid in money to the game and the rules are in place to ensure it is fair for every one. If I start to make exceptions, it could tarnish the integrity of the game. I hope you understand and I'm sorry. The other thing is the Sexton penalty or penalties in general. ELIMINATION from the game is based on the rider's RACE FINISHING POSITION. That means on the results sheet where it lists Sexton in 1st place still. POINTS for that round are based on the rider's points he earned for that round. Sexton received his 19 points after the penalty. While in this case it likely won't matter unless the tie-breaker comes into play later, had Sexton finished in 9th place he still would have been safe because his race finishing position according to the AMA's results sheets is not changed. Just clearing that up now incase it were to affect the game in the future.

Results and spreadsheet are below. Pick log is updated!

SUPER SX Survivor Resources:

FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON, this will be the link to your SUPER SX Survivor Entries! Bookmark it, screenshot it, save it, etc. HOWEVER, ENSURE YOU ARE SELECTING THE CORRECT ROUND FROM THE DROP DOWN!

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