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2023 SUPER Supercross Survivor NASHVILLE RESULTS

Ruh roh! We're coming down to the end. All but one team had Chris Blose who came up 1 spot short of the 7th place 250 class goal! Two teams were eliminated and four remain! Treddie912 finally took her first strike of the season. The other three remaining teams are down to their last strike! Side note: bowen741 made a critical error submitting two riders he's previously picked, one of them being Blose regardless, and it may actually help him in the long run as he didn't burn a 450 pick as he chose Nichols who he'd also previously chosen.

Total Points have been added to the scorecard to help with any strategy you might want to use now that we're down to the final 4 as that is the tie breaker should you get eliminated on the same night.

Results and spreadsheet are below. Pick log is updated!

SUPER SX Survivor Resources:

FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON, this will be the link to your SUPER SX Survivor Entries! Bookmark it, screenshot it, save it, etc. HOWEVER, ENSURE YOU ARE SELECTING THE CORRECT ROUND FROM THE DROP DOWN!

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