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2023 Supercross Survivor HOUSTON RESULTS

When the series rolled out of California and headed East, it was expected the chaos would be in the 250 class with an East Coast opener full of rookies. A completely different track surface awaited the riders and we have to think that is part of what really mixed up with the field. The 450 LCQ out-dueled the 250 LCQ for action while the 450 main event surely provided it's own share of entertainment as well. All of that energy multiplied by the curveball of a red flag and a single file restart. But what did that mean for SX Survivor?

Picture Above: Team Storm Lake Honda athlete Michael Hicks wrapped up his 4th consecutive General Tire Arenacross Championship on Friday night in Memphis, TN with fascinating style before jumping in his van and pinning it over 8 hours south to Houston, TX for the kick-off to the 250 East SX Series. Hicks put his Honda into the 250 Main Event finishing in 19th. We at appreciate racers who... RACE! and having form like that also gets mad props.

The top 10 in the 450 class has stabilized a bit; however, the addition of Justin Cooper would add another contender. While no one wanted to take the risk on the rookie, people had to be mindful that the 2021 250 SX champ on the very potent Monster Energy Star Racing YZ450 could be a contender. Factor in the inconsistency of Colt Nichols and the eventual hope that Christian Craig will figure things out and find the top 10; and there had to be some uncertainty... but maybe not. Coming into Houston, Joey Savatgy has gone 10-10-10. Yes, RIGHT on the brink of diasaster. Yet a solid qualifying time clearly put team managers at ease as Savatgy tied for the highest pick trend. And get this, he tied with Adam Cianciarulo has been pulling over for guys like he's getting the blue flag race after race and comes in with 9-8-9 finishes. Amazingly enough, these two riders found themselves in 9th and 10th once again respectively and saved their SX Survivor team owners.

The unknowns of SX Survivor happen time and time again. Coming into Houston, Dylan Ferrandis had seemed to have improved (not fixed) his starts and over the first 3 rounds averaged a very quiet 5th place finish. In the building he claimed his very first 450 SX podium and qualifying 2nd on the day, it looked like everything was on track for Ferrandis to have another brilliant night in Houston... then disaster struck in the form or landing on a banana peel that wore the #94. After a red flag and some very scary and tense moments, the frustration of Ferrandis crushing a Survivor team was rapidly replaced by concern for his overall health and well-being. Luckily we could all exhale as we watched Dylan walk to the medic cart, but not without draining the dreams of SX Survivor teams including my lovely fiance' JLMXphotos and my good buddy who will stand up with us at our wedding ItsHazy. Plus one of the coolest cats at the races TonyC693 was crushed along with CRP24. And let's not even talk about the fact that Ferrandis also crushed my own first week of Super Supercross Survivor. I think he's had a rough enough day, so he gets a pass this time. Heal up soon Dylan and we hope you make it back very soon!

So 4 more players hit the deck! Only 37 players remain as we roll over to Tampa, FL for the next stop on the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship.

FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON, this will be the link to your 450 SX Survivor Entries! Bookmark it, screenshot it, save it, etc. It won't be a dynamic link each week anymore. HOWEVER, ENSURE YOU ARE SELECTING THE CORRECT ROUND FROM THE DROP DOWN!

Also, Tampa is on Eastern Time, so lockout will be 7pm EST on Saturday.

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