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2023 SX Survivor San Diego - Entries are OPEN!

The entry steps for SX Survivor have been updated for San Diego!

You should now be entering your SAN DIEGO picks online by filling out THIS FORM. Email entries will still be accepted, but are strongly discouraged. Please make my life easier as well as making sure your entry isn't getting caught up in a spam filter or not making it to my inbox. Each week when the results for the previous week go out, as well as in a separate email, Facebook group post, and website post I will post the next round's submission link. I also wanted to give everyone a heads up that there will NOT be raceday pick updates from San Diego. I am flying out to work on-site at the next two events. In fact, I would expect that you won't see results until Monday evening for the next two rounds. Sorry guys, I have to pay the bills. Best of luck to you lucky 60% who are still in as we head to ROUND 2 in San Diego. Also, if you haven't, be sure to check out the SX Pre-Game Shows that I've been doing with Dbo and Brad from BigMX Radio. We appreciate the listens and support!

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