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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

We are excited to announce the much anticipated third season of Supercross Survivor! Last season 69 teams started and Tymill131 lasted all the through Round 15 with a winning pick of Alex Martin defeating Checkerz448 and Gillum318 who had Hartranft and Bloss respectively. The total winning pot was $2070 and we expect 2023 to be even larger.

Welcome to Supercross Survivor 2023

(Read this entirely before emailing me questions or I will tell the internet about that nasty video you watched right before opening this.)

Many will enter, one (well 3 since we live in a blue ribbon society) will win! It’s easy… weekly prior to the first heat race you will submit your rider pick via email. If that rider finishes in the top 10 in that night’s 450 main event, YOU SURVIVE. If that rider fails to finish inside the top 10, YOU ARE ELIMINATED from the game. Seems easy, what’s the catch? Once you’ve picked a rider, you may not pick them again for the rest of the season. Should be a whole ton of fun and a way to jump on a new bandwagon each week or hate a rider for life.

It’s a simple $30 entry fee, 100% payback (60%, 30%, 10%) to the top 3.


1. Go here to pay your entry fee. We are using a 3rd party site with majority voting for payout so you know your money is safe until after the SX season. Even if you win before the season ends, we will have to wait until the payout deadline to vote/pay. Entry fee is $30 and must be paid prior to FRIDAY, JANUARY 6th!

2. Only after you’ve paid, email with your name used on League Safe and YOUR PREFERED TEAM NAME to be added to the spreadsheet. – This will be distributed weekly showing who everyone picked and who remains.


1. Before lockout* time, email with the following:

a. Supercross Survivor – Round #X (X=round of SX it is) in the subject

b. Email should contain your Team Name, Your Name, and Your Rider Pick

*Lockout time will be on the hour prior to the first heat race. For example, Anaheim 1 has the first heat scheduled for 7:11pm, so LOCKOUT TIME will be 5:00pm local time

2. If your rider finishes inside the top 10 in the 450 Main Event, you advance to the next round; however, you may not pick that rider again for the rest of the season. If that rider does not finish inside the top 10, you are eliminated from the game.

3. I understand it’s important to lock in an “early” pick incase you are busy during race day, but need the option to fill-in if a practice crash or something happens… it’ll be allowed; however… Only 1 “update” to your rider (before the deadline) available each week. The most recent timestamp will be counted. If more than 1 update is submitted, we will still use your 1st update and void any after that and you will be mocked and a Coors will be dumped on your head next time I see you.

Tie Breakers:

You will be awarded the points of the rider you picked on the week you picked them. Should multiple players get eliminated on the same week, the highest number of points scored from your rider picks will be the tie breaker. Should there still be a tie for some crazy reason, the pot for that position will be split between the tied teams for that position.

100% PAYBACK – Distributed as follows

Winner – 60% of total entries

2nd Place (first loser) – 30% of total entries

3rd Place (Loser to the first loser) – 10% of total entries

Invite your friends and grow the pot. Feel free to forward this email.

PAYMENT DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2023 – No late additions accepted…PERIOD! (that’s why I am staying open until Friday

PS… Don’t complain to me if you get eliminated at A1 because your rider cartwheeled… He probably ruined all my fantasy leagues as well. Choose wisely my friends.

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