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PulpMX Privateer Challenge - MIDNIGHT SAILOR AWARD

Updated: May 3, 2023

Nothing in this world can compare to the sheer beauty of 22 highly-talented privateers performing a magnificent air wheelie over a Supercross finish line jump one after another like a train of sweet awesomeness. The dream is about to become reality in Denver, CO at the PulpMX Privateer Challenge with the Midnight Sailor Award up for grabs.

HOWEVER, we need YOUR help! As they say, "The more we raise, the higher they'll go!"

CURRENT PRIZE MONEY as of 11:24pm CST on 5/3/2023 $1291

To donate to the Midnight Sailor Award payout: @Chris-Riesenberg on Venmo 100% of proceeds will go to the Midnight Sailor Award winner.

Buy a Raffle Ticket on PulpMX for a chance at winning a 2023 YZ450F and many other awesome prizes. All proceeds go to the purse for the PulpMX Privateer Challenge.

The Midnight Sailor Award brought to you by Air Wheelie Fans Around the World

During the parade lap before the final at the PulpMX Privateer Challenge over the finish line jump send your front wheel TO THE MOON! The rider voted to have the best overall air wheelie (aka midnight sailor, aka Cade Air, aka boner air, aka sky wheelie, aka EPIC FORM) will take home the cash gathered from air wheelie fans around the world.

A PARADE LAP HAS BEEN CONFIRMED, our guys at handling the broadcast know about the award and will have their cameras locked in on the finish line jump, and privateers have been sending media of their air wheelie practicing all week! IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Judging criteria

Riders will be judged on their performance in the following categories:

  • Verticalness

  • Altitude

  • Style

  • Landing

  • Overall Execution

The prize

I ( @checkerz448 / @airwheeliesonly ) am putting in the first $100. Any one that would like to contribute to raising the pot, venmo me @chris-riesenberg with Midnight Sailor PulpMX in the description. Just before the race we’ll send the total amount over to the PulpMX crew, grab our popcorn, and watch the show! 100% of the proceeds will go to the rider our highly qualified judge finds nailed the difficult maneuver best.

The judges

Cade Clason has been selected to be our judge. Inventor and master of the Cade Air, a variation of the classic air wheelie demonstrated nearly every Saturday night under the lights for years. Cade may seek advisory from other qualified members of the audience as required. Cade will have an assistant (and fill-in if needed) in Cade Air Jr. Justin Starling.

THANK YOU to everyone who donates to support this award and shout out to Trevor Paul for the kick in the butt to do this!

Current Donation list (as of 11:30pm CST 5/3/2023) $100 Chris Riesenberg

$20 Jenny Ludowese

$50 Tricia Vohden

$40 Stanton Schelling

$100 Trevor Paul

$20 Sean Butterman

$40 Doug LaRock

$20 Tyson Johnson

$50 Travis Marx

$40 Steven Paul

$50 Scott Ophoven

$50 Nick Delozier

$100 Tyler Southerlin

$69 Blake O'Hare

$69 Blake O'Hare

$10 Dayne Hickey

$20 Zack Niemi

$100 Cole Cottew

$100 Brent Duffe

$100 Frank Sell Get Sh!t Done

$20 Cody Tebo

$25 Morgan Sanchez

$13 Will Sacarelos

$50 Rip It Racing

$25 Josh Jenkins

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