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Supercross Survivor - Round 13 - St. Louis Results

A triple crown, a ton of wacky crashes, and some picks who have proven to be costly in the game ensured the final 5 heading into St. Louis wouldn't all survive...

We're a bit late on this. I left town last weekend to ramp my offroad moped off some dirt hills at Fiddler Creek MX in Homer, NE (if you haven't checked it out, do yourself a favor and do so. SX Survivor player CodyW215 and his crew put in some serious effort and the track is wicked cool if you like fun, flowy elevation and booters that even my old ass can clear.) It has (and still is) cold as balls here, so it was the first weekend riding outdoors. Practice trophies (cold cruisers with blue mountains for those not 'in the know') after practice day were a must, we stoked a campfire and thankfully were able to stream the race trackside with some cool moto homies.

Enough about me, but between that trip and now busting ass getting ready for back to back weekends at Riverside Raceway where I moonlight as a hype man, security guard, and anything else Tony needs... well, I haven't had much free time.

So, Survivor. Well, I wasn't in a rush because nothing happened. How the hell Brayton, Bogle, Friese, and Hartranft were all picked and made up 4 of the top 10? Not in things I thought would happen this season. But it did. So 5 survive, and onto Round 14 we go! It's an E/W Showdown in the 250 class, so that means both Friese and Oldenburg will be in the 250 class. Wilson is out now too thinning the top 10 riders even more. Doesn't look like we're going to see McElrath or Anstie return, and it looks like Cade Clason, Ryan Breece and Justin Starling might just be picks that are looked at for the weekend.

If I never have to pick Justin Bogle again in anything, I'll be better off.

As mentioned above, Survivor updates will be limited to basically nothing once again. I apologize. Here are some air wheelie photos to make up for it. Good luck this weekend!

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