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As choices dwindle, a majority of SX Survivor teams were able to hold on through Daytona.

Looking at the SX Survivor eliminations, you'd never know how chaotic the action on the track was. While riders had multiple take-outs, crashes, and lappers causing chaos; SX Survivor didn't change much. In fact, only a single team was eliminated.

MXRIDE404 was hoping for the magic of 2018 to reign again in Justin Brayton's final Daytona. It had to hurt twice as bad, as Joe (MXRIDE404) was a guest of Brayton's SmarTop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda team for the event.

I have yet to ask if he had words with JB10 after the race about his Survivor elimination.

In all seriousness, I got to bench race with Joe (MXRIDE404) a bit at Thursday night's Tampa SX money race. It's always cool to meet the team owners and hear how much they are loving the game.


Round 10 - Detroit

In just a handful of days, picks will be locked once again, and for most teams - they are looking pretty slim and scary! Because the game is definitely winding down, and so many teams still remain, I've realized it may be possible to need a 2nd tie-breaker. While the first tie-breaker will remain to be total points accumulated (which you can see on the bottom of the spreadsheet now), should that also be a tie, any funds allocated for that position(s) will be split by the teams equally. We ended up not needing a tie-breaker last year at all, but just in case, that will be the ruling.

Now, let's look at who is left to pick! After Daytona, Stewart and Barcia are completely off the board for all remaining teams. The big losers of the week may be the 3 teams who never selected Ken Roczen as he exits the series. That is sure a hurtful curveball. For those of you who aren't having to gamble with a Brayton, Wilson, or McElrath pick for Detroit... EFF YOU! I'm already packing my bags, as I feel like my time on the island is very limited.

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